Submit your work

Are you looking for a distributor for your new short film? We are always looking for new films to represent. 

Eligibility :

1. The film must be less than 30 minutes long.
2. The film must have been completed in the last 12 months.
3. We accept all genres.
4. If you are submitting a film still in post-production, we recommend you send as early as the rough cut version.
5. The film must NOT be (or have been) publicly accessible online on any platform.
6. The film must NOT be acquired by another distributor for one or more territories.

Selection Criteria :

1. The capacity and balance with Travelling's catalogue
2. The artistic quality, originality and relevance of the film
3. The fit with Travelling's editorial line
4. The distribution potential
5. For projects in development, the quality of the director's  and producer's previous works  
6. And last but not least, if we're in love with the film! 


For a better follow-up on your inquiry, we ask you to submit your film only through this form. 

Response time to your submission may vary from 2 to 8 weeks.

Please send us the complete list of festivals where you have submitted the film so far, even in case of rejection. If your film hasn't been submitted anywhere yet, please indicate it. Your film will not be considered without this information.