Rosie Charest (she / her)
Executive Director
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Rosie has been involved in the world of film festivals and events for several years and honed her professional skills at the Frontières International Co-production Market at Fantasia for four editions. There, she developed a keen interest in everything related to the development of a film, from writing to distribution. She then entered the world of short film in 2020 through Kino Montreal as an assistant director where she solidified her network and her place in the short film community. Along with the Travelling team, Rosie aspires to fulfill the organization's primary mission of making films travel, as well as propelling each film to its full potential.

On the side, Rosie co-organizes the SPASM Festival and pedals at full speed in spinning classes.

Photo Credits : Camille Gladu-Drouin


Tam Dan Vu  (she / her)
Artistic Director
Head of Communications
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With a BA in Cultural and Media Production Strategies, Tam is a cinephile who soughts to bridge film to its audience. In 2013, she falls in love with short film at Québec Cinéma. Through an internship at H264, she's invited to contribute to the genesis of Plein(s) Écran(s) - the world’s 1st film festival on Facebook - where she evolves as coordinator, communications director and programmer. Leveraging her creativity in digital marketing, she oversees the social media campaigns for the Oscar© race of three shorts that will get nominated - Fauve, Marguerite and Brotherhood. Meanwhile, she works in communications at Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal for over two years. In 2020, she joins Travelling as Artistic Director and Head of Communications... In addition to short film, Tam is developing a practice as a multidisciplinary artist. 

Photo Credits : Gaëlle Leroyer

Pierre Brouillette-Hamelin (he / him)
Distribution Coordinator
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Pierre is a sound technician, musician and self-taught artist based in Trois-Rivières and has been working in the cultural event industry for almost 15 years.
Working as a distribution coordinator at Travelling since 2013, Pierre ensures the smooth running of Travelling short films’ journeys in festivals and film theatres.
Gio Olmos was born in Mexico City. They immigrated to Montreal in 2006 at the age of 10. They graduated from Concordia University's Film Production program in 2018. Since 2018, Gio has been a programming assistant and project manager for the Montreal Afro Queer Film Festival, Massimadi. In 2020, their fiction script Windowpane was awarded with the Writers Guild of Canada prize at the Cours Écrire ton Court competition organized by SODEC. In 2021, they were named one of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television's Emerging Talent Fellows.



Alexandre Domingue - Chairman

Editor, cinematographer, entrepreneur… Alexandre Domingue has a passion for all aspects of cinematographic production. For ten years he traveled the world armed with a camera, working on a vast array of projects. A natural innovator, Alexandre is always looking for new ways to improve and invests himself completely in every project he takes on. Suffering from an insatiable love of nature and a generous heart that cares for the wellbeing of everyone around him, he has never been known to refuse a hunting party among friends or a trip to the cabin.

Jean-Philippe Biron - Vice-Chairman

Jean-Philippe Biron is a creative associate producer and co-founder of the Symptôme advertising agency. He has nearly 18 years of experience in project management and communication strategy development for cultural organizations, retail and service businesses. His experience as a business manager allows Travelling to obtain accurate and informed advice for managing the organization and operations.

Fanny Drew - Treasure

Fanny Drew studied at HEC Montreal and has completed a Bachelor of Business Administration. She worked has an accountant before entering in to the world of production. Those different experiences gave her a new desire: to found her own production company. That’s how she co-started Colonelle films with her two partners. She joins the board of Travelling distribution, as an administrator, to participate, in a certain way, in the influence of Quebec's short film around the world.

Louis-Félix Binette - Board Member

Entrepreneur, thinker and creative strategist, Louis-Félix Binette is putting collaboration to productive use. Through his work with management consultancy Escouade, he creates the conditions for innovative and sometimes disruptive projects to take roots in organizations and in their community, then helps the project through to fruition, delivering impact and engagement. Louis-Félix is coordinator and founding member of La MAIN, a network of next-generation business accelerators and incubators. He co-founded Montréal’s CreativeMornings and Fuckup Nights chapters and sits on several boards, including Institut du Nouveau Monde, a not-for-profit whose mission is to foster public participation and citizen engagement.

Frédéric Therrien – Board Member

Frédéric Therrien is a master of trademark strategies and interactive projects. As well, he is known for being a prodigious talent scout, a project developer, and an architect of abiding partnerships. Highly versatile, Frédéric exudes a proficient willingness to surpass all objectives. In fact, a list of expressions that kill creativity graces his office wall. In addition to being the Director of Digital Strategies and Social Marketing for M361, he has lectured at the Université de Sherbrooke, been a frequent guest on Radio-Canada Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec as a technical analyst and is currently a member of three distinct administrative boards.

Raphaëlle Bilodeau – Board Member

Raphaëlle Bilodeau serves as project coordinator for a recent Espaces temps initiative: CityStudio Montreal. This role is in keeping with the mission she has maintained throughout her journey. Before joining the team, Raphaëlle spent three years as co-director of La Pépinière, learning all about social innovation. She has demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit as founder of the audiovisual equipment rental cooperative SLA Location, as well as by working as an independent film producer in Montreal. She later co-founded the film production company Bravo Charlie with Etienne Hansez. Simply put, Raphaëlle shows enthusiasm and proficiency when it comes to starting new projects.

Benjamin B. Langlois – Board Member

Benjamin B. Langlois is an entrepreneur in the IT field. In 2020, he founded William Fritz Inc., a company dedicated to offering various consulting services in the fields of cloud computing and data engineering. Major clients such as Air Canada, PSP Investments, and the BDC have since called upon his services. In addition to having acquired a rich experience within complex organizations and projects, he also cultivates a passion for cinema. Whether as executive producer on Romain Dumont's short film Quand elle tombe, or as an audience member at several international festivals, he devotes himself to his love of the seventh art whenever he can.