Tibbits Hill

Tibbits Hill

Directed by Edith Jorisch

Genre Fiction
Country Canada (Québec)
Year 2021
Length 12:12 min
Formats DCP
Sound 5.1
Version No dialog


If the wind spoke the language of children, what would its voice be? Tibbits Hill tells the story of migrating children that have found refuge from war in an abandoned school, protected from the horrifying whistling of the wind. When one of them disappears, they decide to break the silence and reunite to commemorate the loss.


childhood, war trauma, rural, liberty, war, survival


Questioning contemporary notions of identity and migration, Montrealer Édith Jorisch writes and directs fiction and documentary films. Her documentary The Heir won two Geminis, in addition to being screened and broadcasted around the world. In 2019, her short film AWE stood out with its hybrid style, skillfully flirting between fiction and documentary. Tibbits Hill, short narrative film, is an allegorical fable about music as an anti-militaristic weapon, produced in collaboration with a children's choir and composer Alexandra Stréliski. Édith now devotes herself to writing her first feature, Parand.


Clara : Calixa Viau
Jules : Clara Chaîné
Thomas : Loïc McNeil



Maria Gracia Turgeon, Camille Mongeau (Midi la Nuit / Coton & Club)


Edith Jorisch


François Messier-Rheault


Marie-Pier Fortier

EDITING Philippe Grenier
Sound Maxime Navert, Pierre Olivier Rioux
Music Alexandra Stréliski


Festival du Nouveau Cinéma | 2021 | Compétition officielle