The instant

The instant

Directed by Patrick Péris

Genre Animation
Country Quebec
Year 2008
Length 3 min 30 s
Formats DVD, Beta SP, MiniDV
Sound Stereo
Version Original French version, English subtitles


The rain falls on the city. Several drops of water broke on the street. In one of the splashes, you can guess a delicate butterfly detaches ready to take off. After a few beats of wings, it lands on the hand of a man sitting on a park bench. Then begins a symbolic journey that allows the man to leave his life for a couple of minutes...


life-philosophy, urban


It is in 2002 that Patrick Péris joins the rows of the Kino movement. Impressed on an evening of projection in which he had participated in 2001 in Quebec, he takes up then with the old buried dream of making cinema. Change of career completely, Patrick Péris will learn by himself the bases of the film art. Passionate photographer and model maker at his hours, he has since directs more than about forty short films and participated in 19 locals and international Kino Kabaret (intense production labs).




Denis Wolff, Blaise Robillard


Patrick Péris


Patrick Péris

EDITING Jean-François Robichaud
Music Alexandre Désilets


Music Plus, Melbourne International Animation Festival, Regard sur le court métrage au Saguenay, Festival des très courts, Festival Folie-Ô-Skop