Night Slice

Night Slice

Directed by Romain F. Dubois, Maxime Genois, Félix Poirier

Genre Fiction
Country Canada
Year 2020
Length 16 min
Formats DCP
Sound 5.1
Version Original French version, English subtitles


Stuck in a depressing and mind numbing routine, Pierre decides to trade the sweaty atmosphere of the factory for the conditioned air of a hotel room. Locked up with three other tenants in a dreary and dim-lighted suite, he is forced into an idle and aimless lifestyle, no more fruitful than the mindless hustle and bustle he left behind — that is, until this oppressive dullness gives birth to an idea…


human relationships, urban, poverty, richness, uniformity


Romain F. Dubois is a 25 year-old self-taught filmmaker from Montreal, Canada. He made his debut working on music videos among artists such as Milk and Bone, Brown Dead Obies and CRi. The common themes of loneliness and exile tint his creative persona. His hypnotic aesthetic serves the poetic visual identity he created through his series. His delivery is constant whereas his ideas are exponential.

Director and actor, Maxime Genois is a graduate of the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts of Montreal. He directed the short film “Le Clown” and staged many operas. He worked with renowned directors such as Denis Marleau, Catherine Vidal, Philippe Cyr. Xavier Dolan and Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr. Reflecting his artistic journey, his direction of actors is both feverish and atypical.


Pierre: Jean-François Casabonne
Antoine: Yves Jacques
Cendrine: Marie-France Lambert
Diane: Ginette Chevalier
Didier: Charles Beaudoin



Anthony Martino-Maurice


Félix Poirier


Jules Cloutier-Lacerte


Félix Poirier

EDITING Louis Chevalier-Dagenais
Sound Nataq Huault
Music Hubert Tanguay-Labrosse


Gala Prends Ça Court! *Prix Club video - Film ovni, Mention du jury - Florence Lafond


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