Last Time Around

Last Time Around

Directed by David Tomassini

Genre Fiction
Country Quebec
Year 2010
Length 7 min
Formats DVD, 35 MM
Sound Stereo
Version Original French version, English subtitles


Yvan just played his final hockey game. Since being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, those moments on the ice were the only times the strong and confident man in him reappeared. The arena deserted, his wife France offers him one last chance to be the young hockey player again, one last time around. And now, on this icy stage, the love of her life re-emerges, reliving his moments of glory. The game was his life; his very existence passed through the connection between skate and surface. As he takes his final lap, he savors every moment. From the echoing sounds of this empty arena emerges an unaffected younger man. Alone in the stands, France shares her husband’s emotions. Because with the coming darkness, this is her time to say goodbye as well.


love, sport, hockey


David Tomassini’s graduate of the television profile of the art and technology medias program from Cegep of Jonquière, and studying part time litterary creation at UQAM, David spent the last years working on every kinds of sets, from publicity to cinema. But foremost, he successfully followed the film directing program at the National Institute of Sound and Image (INIS) in 2009. La dernière rondelle his is first movie.


Guy Chauvette, Johanne-Marie Tremblay



Sophie Parizeau, Vicky Bounadere (Production les Insolents)


David Tomassini


Steeve Asselin


Guillaume Couture

EDITING Yvan Thibodeau
Music Marie-Hélène Frenette Assad


Vancouver International Film Festival
Festival du nouveau cinéma
Festival de cinéma international en Abitibi-Témiscamingue