Go Play Outside

Go Play Outside

Directed by Adib Alkhalidey

Genre Fiction
Country Quebec
Year 2017
Length 17 min 32 s
Formats Digital Files Only
Sound 5.1
Version Original French version, English subtitles


One summer morning, Abel decides to solve his parents' financial problems by taking matters into his own hands. Helped by his best friend Edwin, he roams the neighborhood in search of easy money and soon finds himself unable to resist the call of crime. Through their mischievous adventure, the kids will have to choose the type of life they want to lead.


friendship, childhood, immigration, poverty, stealing, naivete


Adib Alkhalidey is a half-Moroccan, half-Iraqi artist, living in Montreal, mainly known for his work in the field of comedy. Since the beginning of his career, he always had a great interest for cinema and storytelling. In 2014, after having completed his first comedy special raved by critics, Adib Alkhalidey finds himself at the head of numerous webseries as screenwriter and director. Va jouer dehors (Go Play Outside) is his first short film.


Basel El Rayes, Mathys Clodion-Gines, Karina Aktouf, Hubert Proulx



Élaine Hébert (micro_scope)


Adib Alkhalidey


Ménad Kesraoui


Valérie-Jeanne Mathieu

EDITING Véronique Barbe
Sound Guillaume Daoust, Marie-Pierre Grenier, Bernard Gariépy-Strobl
Music Jesse Mac Cormack


Vancouver Int. Film festival |2017| Official Competition *Jury’s Mention for Best Short Film*
Regard sur le Court Métrage, Saguenay | 2018 | Official Compétition *FIPRESCI Prize*


Talent Tout Court! Telefilm au Marché de Cannes | 2017 | Market presentation
Off-Court de Trouville, France | 2017 | Official Competition
Festival de Cinéma de la Ville de Québec | 2017 | Official Competition
FNC, Montréal | 2017 | Official Competition
Cinéma Paraloeil, Rimouski | 2017 | Official Presentation
Festival Un Poing C’est Court!, France | 2018 | Official Competition
Seoul Int. Youth Film Festival, Corée | 2018 | Official Competition
Station Vu, Montréal | 2018 | Official Presentation
Dubaï Int. Film Market | 2018 | Offficial Market Selection
Projection Salle Pauline-Julien, Montréal | 2018 | Official Presentation
Prix PCC!, Montréal | 2018 | Offiial Competition
Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois, Montréal | 2018 | Official Competition
Festival SOIR, Montréal | 2018 | Official Competition
Ciné Tapis-Rouge "Busan Int. Short Film Festival", Corée | 2018 | Official Presentation
Festival Interactif de Cinéma de Lévis | 2018 | Official Competition
Lucas Flim Festival, Allemagne | 2018 | Official Competition
Festival Court d’un soir | 2018 | Official Competition
Courts contre le Cancer @ Station Vu | 2018 | Official Screening
FCVQ @ Comediha! | 2018 | Official Screening
FCVQ @ CinéPopUp | 2018 | Official Screening
Cinéma Urbain @ S.A.T. | 2018 | Official Screening