Danny Greenwood U Shitface

Danny Greenwood U Shitface

Directed by Guillaume Laurin

Genre Fiction
Country Canada (Québec)
Year 2022
Length 18m59s
Formats DCP
Sound 5.1
Version English subtitles, French


Confident that he is skipping school for the school of life, Danny Greenwood doesn't give a damn about everything he destroys on his path, but karma's a b*tch ... Ten years later, Pierre-Luc, one of his victims of that era is now a clerk at the video store and is about to lend him his movie rentals.


adolescence, intimidation


Since graduating from theater school in 2013, Guillaume Laurin alternates between acting and creating. He has written and directed several short films: Intenselefun (2016) Nous n'avons bâti rien de sincère (2017) and Jojo (2019), finalist at the Gala Québec cinéma. In 2020, Guillaume Laurin stars in The Decline (Patrice Laliberté), the first Quebec film financed by Netflix, produced by the company Couronne Nord which he co-founded in 2012.


Danny Greenwood (young) : Christophe Dionne
Pierre-Luc (young) : Simon Lamoureux
Frank:  Adam Lapointe
Danny Greenwood (adult): Alexis Gauthier
Pierre-Luc (adult) : Alec Serra-Wagneur
Jean-Mich : Zachary Gauthier
Karl- Shawn: Olivier Paul
Daniel : Alexis Lefebvre



Julie Groleau (Couronne Nord)


Guillaume Laurin


Philémon Crête


Suzel D. Smith, Marie-Pier Fortier

EDITING Guillaume Marin
Sound Francis Desgagnés, Ilya Ghafouri
Music Marc-Antoine Barbier


Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal, Canada |2022|
Gala Prends Ça Court!, Canada |2022|
Longue Vue sur le Court, Canada |2022|
Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois, Canada |2023|
Torino Short Film Market, Italy |2022|