Ain’t No Time for Women

Ain’t No Time for Women

Directed by Sarra El Abed

Genre Documentary
Country Canada
Year 2020
Length 19 min
Formats DCP
Sound 5.1
Version English subtitles, French subtitles, Original Version in French, Original Version in Arabic


Tunis, November 2019. A group of women is gathered at Saïda’s, the hairdresser, on the eve of the presidential election. The salon is transformed into a town square, mirroring the internal turmoil of the country. In this female sanctuary, we get an intimate look at the county’s teenage democracy.


human relationships, future, feminity, feminism, political election, Tunisia


Sarra El Abed finished her degree in film direction at UQAM in 2018, where she was awarded the best fiction prize for her graduation project. Y'A PAS D'HEURE POUR LES FEMMES is her fourth film. Flirting between fiction and documentary filmmaking, she likes to breathe whimsy into the ordinary and comedy into dramatic situations.




Isabelle Grignon-Francke (Club Vidéo)


Sarra El Abed


Catherine Lefebvre

EDITING Jordan Choinière
Sound Ilyaa Ghafouri
Music Ilyaa Ghafouri