A Visit

A Visit

Directed by Parissa Mohit

Genre Animation
Country Canada
Year 2018
Length 12 min
Formats DCP
Sound 5.1
Version No dialog


Amidst a bustling cityscape, a child pays a visit to a woman in a high-rise apartment. Inside, their interactions with each other, and with the outside world, becomes increasingly phantasmagorical.


human relationships, childhood, urban


Parissa Mohit is a Montreal-based filmmaker and animator. A director of several animated films and installations, she applies a prolific array of techniques to her creations; ranging from drawings, constructed sets, found objects and photography. Parissa has collaborated with numerous artists on various videos, documentaries, and animated films.




Parissa Mohit, Nicolas Dufour-Laperrière


Parissa Mohit


Parissa Mohit

EDITING Shahab Mihandoust
Sound Olivier Calvert
Music Martin Floyd Cesar


Tofuzi Animated Film Festival, Géorgie |2018| Grand Prix


Oberhausen Int. Short Film Festival, Allemagne |2018| Official Competition
Animafest Zagreb, Hongrie |2018| Official Competition
Ottawa Int. Animation Film Festival, Canada |2018| Official Competition
Soirée de courts métrages @ Alliance Française de Joannesburg, Afrique du Sud |2018| Official Screening
Sedicorto, Italie |2018| Official Competition
Northern Wave Film Festival, Islande |2018| Official Competition
FICFA, Moncton |2018| Official Competition
Sommets du cinéma d’animation de Montréal |2018| Panorama Canadien
Kerry Film Festival, Irlande |2018| Official Competition