Sonorité 2007 / 2 min 30 s / Quebec

Directed by Martine Asselin, Olivier Gilbert

An early morning disturbed by strange sounds… When everything is a matter of perception!

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Land of Men 2009 / 23 min / Quebec

Directed by Ky Nam Le Duc

Two police officers, Catherine and Patrick, patrol in Longueuil, a suburb of Montreal in Canada. During their shift, they arrest Jose Maria, a Mexican illegal immigrant who just crossed the border. The officers hold him at their station during the night, while waiting for the arrival of the federal police, the RCMP.

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All life long 2009 / 2 min 30 s / Quebec

Directed by Martin-Philippe Tremblay

In the jumble of a flea market, a man's heart is empty as his business. If we can choose those we love, we do not always decide who wants us.

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Upwards March 2008 / 4 min 40 s / Quebec

Directed by Kaveh Nabatian

A seven-year-old girl is lost in a magical urban world in which adults look like giants, a masked magician makes things disappear, and a group of brilliantly lit musicians hurtling through the city in a converted Volkswagen Beetle provide her only sense of hope.

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Union 2007 / 5 min / Quebec

Directed by Alexandre Kozminski

Union is a short film about religious rituals in different cultures. The images, backed by a soundtrack composing of chanted prayers, present a world that, from one community to another, varies, but is essentially the same.

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A story 2007 / 12 min / Quebec

Directed by Greg Nowak

A frienship story

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Voir les avions tomber 2003 / 4 min 0 s / Quebec

Directed by Jeanne Leblanc, Julie Paradis

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Our Familly 2017 / 18 min 55 s / Quebec

Directed by Terence Chotard

At 16, Pierre doesn't know who he is and fears he will never become the person he imagined. He escapes into the wilderness to meet Michel, a man who has mysteriously come to train him. In the depths of the forest, cut off from the world, Pierre lets himself be guided by the paternal authority and charisma of his new mentor.

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The Beiges 2016 / 10 min 52 s / Quebec

Directed by Étienne Lacelle

Shifting between striking close-ups, intimate details, and cars spinning around a racetrack, Les Beiges delicately captures the world occupied by a group of car enthusiasts in St-Eustache, Québec.

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Black Friday 2017 / 17 min 40 s / Quebec

Directed by Stéphane Moukarzel

Amélie is haunted by the memories of the last Black Friday as she returns to the scene.

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How Tommy Lemenchick Became A Grade 7 Legend 2017 / 11 min 33 s / Quebec

Directed by Bastien Alexandre

Ophelia is a whip-smart 12-year-old girl who must solve a vexing problem: she’s never been kissed. There are several candidates in her class, but none have Tommy Lemenchick’s smile. Baiting him with the hottest new videogame, Ophelia manages to get Tommy on the old family couch and claims her coveted prize. But, Tommy has more than a nice smile; he also has a big mouth.

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Elegy 2017 / 7 min 2 s / Quebec

Directed by Philippe Lesage

Paris. More than a year after the attacks of November 13, 2015.

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Merce 2017 / 9 min / Quebec

Directed by Ian Lagarde, Gabrielle Tougas-Fréchette

Merce lives in Centro Habana, a modest yet extremely lively neighborhood of Havana, Cuba. She and her friends own the streets, where they kill time without an ounce of boredom. They dance and play night and day, seemingly carefree and masters of themselves. A tourist has left a game console at her place. The television's strong images and peculiar sounds hypnotize her, and she dances by herself on alien songs. Her country, like herself, are at the dawn of radical change.

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The Beep Test 2017 / 16 min 25 s / Quebec

Directed by Maxime Aubert

Wojtek is a mysterious new student at school. This is why he is a prey designated for Thomas and Philippe, two students in search of entertainment. Not finding the words in front of his assailants, Wojtek will go back to his physical education course to express the substance of his thoughts.

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Garage at Night 2017 / 12 min 48 s / Quebec

Directed by Daniel Daigle

Twelve months. Four seasons. Two brothers. And a garage at night.

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Born in the Maelstrom 2017 / 28 min / Canada

Directed by Meryam Joobeur

Born in the Maelstrom is an impressionistic journey of a young biracial woman named Rebecca as she struggles to find her identity in a world shaped by her black mother's painful past.

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Hold my hand 2017 / 21 min 48 s / Canada

Directed by Alexandre Lefebvre

Documentary exploring visual impairment through the daily life of Chloe (11 years old), Alex (17 years old) and Salma (21 years old), all with partial or complete blindness. An intimate journey centered on the existential questioning of their place in this world.

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Waiting for Pascal 2017 / 15 min 14 s / Quebec

Directed by Guillaume Harvey, Marc-André Charpentier

Montreal, 2028. Surrounded by drones and useless gadgets, four vain thirty-somethings get together for dinner. ''Creative'' work, daily anxieties and ''transients'' (miserable refugees living around town) are the order of the day while the four of them wait for one Pascal. Will he come?

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The fall 2017 / 23 min 53 s / Quebec

Directed by Olivia Boudreau

A woman wakes up from a long coma surrounded by her relatives. Suffering from amnesia, she tries to understand who she is. Marty will experience a past and a future that do not seem to belong to her. Without words, without memories, can she liberate herself?

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