Slurpee 2016 / 9 min 27 s / Quebec

Directed by Charles Grenier

A boy struggling with a newly discovered fetish meets a hooker reminiscing her past as an aspiring judoka.

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Star 2015 / 14 min 58 s / Quebec

Directed by Emilie Mannering

Star follows the path of Tito and Jay, two brothers living in the Montreal neighborhood of Park Extension. Accompanying these young people in their daily life marked by complicity and intimidation, Star tackles themes dear to teenagers: identity and friendship.

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The Procedure 2016 / 3 min 43 s / United States

Directed by Calvin Reeder

A man is captured and forced to endure a strange experiment.

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Go Play Outside 2017 / 17 min 32 s / Quebec

Directed by Adib Alkhalidey

One summer morning, Abel decides to solve his parents' financial problems by taking matters into his own hands. Helped by his best friend Edwin, he roams the neighborhood in search of easy money and soon finds himself unable to resist the call of crime. Through their mischievous adventure, the kids will have to choose the type of life they want to lead.

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Overpass 2015 / 18 min 48 s / Quebec

Directed by Patrice Laliberté

One night, Mathieu, 17, goes under an overpass to do a graffiti.

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3 Men and an Iron Mask 2011 / 21 min 27 s / France, Quebec

Directed by Carnior

3 Men and an Iron Mask is a black comedy very loosely based on Alexandre Dumas' Three Musketeers. In this adaptation, the Musketeers are retired and they offer their services for one last time.

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A Girl Named Elastika 2012 / 3 min 30 s / Quebec

Directed by Guillaume Blanchet

Elastika is not like any other little girls. First, because she made of elastics. Also because her universe is a land of cork. Her journey is also one of a kind, as she jumps from one building to another, crosses an ocean solo or travels to space holding on to a firework rocket. Her adventure, shot in stopmotion, required over 10 000 pictures.

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Somewhere Exactly 2014 / 20 min / Switzerland, Quebec

Directed by Kristina Wagenbauer

Maxime forgets how to put on her pants and she decides to keep her problem to herself. Gradually, her memory loss forces her to confront more and more difficult situations.

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American Autumn 2013 / 20 min 47 s / United States

Directed by Albert Moya

Over an intimate dinner, two couples in their forties unexpectedly welcome the visit of a friend that will turn their lives upside down. American Autumn is a surreal melodrama that depicts small everyday catastrophes that threaten the gentle way of life of the bourgeoisie.

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Attack of the Brainsucker 2012 / 13 min 45 s / Quebec

Directed by Sid Zanforlin

Samantha, a little girl growing up in the sixties, loves classic b-movies and monsters. That is, until they start to invade her bedroom and her obsession compels her parents to seek help from the latest scientific breakthrough.

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In the Shadow of the North 2014 / 21 min / Quebec

Directed by Raphaël Bélanger

Somewhere in northern Quebec, a small Aboriginal community is shaken by the suspicious death of three teenagers. The police investigation, which looks delicate, is entrusted to the agent Hudon of the Sûreté du Québec, posted recently on the reserve. He quickly finds himself disoriented in the face of these inexplicable deaths, a culture with which he struggles to cope ... and a Montreal journalist looking for a scoop.

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Blue Thunder 2015 / 21 min / Quebec

Directed by Jean-Marc E. Roy, Philippe David Gagné

Bruno, in his thirties and in desperate need of a purpose, ends up homeless after a breakup. Without despairing and under the watchful eye of his motherly big sister, this sawmill worker will find the drive to put his beloved blue suit back on and to rekindle an old flame.

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Blue-Eyed Blonde 2015 / 17 min 6 s / Quebec

Directed by Pascal Plante

A Canadian mother travels to Florida with her 4 year-old daughter to take part in a mini-miss contest. Getting ready to compete becomes a cat-and-mouse game for the duo... but no one knows for sure who the cat is!

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Happiness to All 2012 / 13 min 28 s / Quebec

Directed by Loïc Guyot

At the bedside of his dying friend, a man recalls their shared memories, some funny, others heavy with emotion, as a backdrop, the St. Lawrence River, the rain and wind ...

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Bounce, This Is Not a Freestyle Movie 2014 / 4 min 7 s / Quebec

Directed by Guillaume Blanchet

I am not a good freestyle player, but I love to give it a try. For two years now, I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few countries with a ball as a faithfull compagnion. Along our journey, it has experienced sand, grass, concrete and snow, and has bounced back to me after hitting many a wall. Cheers to the greatest game of all !

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It is nothing 2011 / 14 min 28 s / Quebec

Directed by Nicolas Roy

Michel lives alone with his daughter Marie. Today, their monotonous life turns to drama.

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Horse 2013 / 7 min 18 s / Quebec

Directed by Olivier Gilbert

It's party time in the stable. Claude, proud patriarch, celebrates the victory of his son Charles. But Charles has no desire to party.

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Collisions 2014 / 13 min 54 s / Quebec

Directed by Charles Gervais

After a violent car crash, alone in front of his steering wheel and unable to move, Henri is confronted by the ultimate fear. In a deafening collision of the elements, he will have to accept the inevitability of death in order to embrace life.

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Davaï 2014 / 14 min 42 s / Quebec

Directed by Bruno Pucella, Ragnar Keil

It is winter in Russia during World War II. Two axis soldiers, one German, one Italian, are lost in the vast snow-covered country. Out of strength and without shelter they reach a forest, where a Russian adolescent discovers them.

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Dive 2013 / 18 min / Quebec

Directed by Kaveh Nabatian

Dive is an urban fairy tale about a self-destructive man who can't feel anything. From the moment he sets eyes on a mysterious young woman, something inside him stirs. Unbeknownst to him, she is part of the White Eye community, a marginalized group of hyper-sensitive beings inhabiting the same world as humans. When her true identity is revealed, his destructive nature reaches its peak as he contemplates a drastic escape from his melancholy.

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