Lockjaw 2022 / 10:15 min / Canada

Directed by Alexandre Lefebvre

Searching through junk and metal, a young scrap dealer tries to track down how rust clogged up his relation with his dad.

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Reminiscences 2022 / 11m12s / Canada (Québec)

Directed by Virginie Brunelle

This dance short film brings three sensual and brutal duets to the screen. Three stories overlap to tell the memory; what remains of the nostalgic feelings of their union. The choreographies sublimate the cracks that human experience generates and which settle in us like so many emotional vestiges. 

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Pro Pool 2022 / 8 min / Canada

Directed by Alec Pronovost

Freshly graduated from his bachelor's degree in history and civilization, Charles-Olivier struggles to find a job in his field and must fall back on accepting a position as a clerk in a pool shop. Feeling down, he navigates his new profession as best he can.

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Nanitic 2022 / 14m23s / Canada (Quebec)

Directed by Carol Nguyen

na·​nit·​ic / adjective: "The first brood of worker ants produced by a queen ant using only the reserved nutrition in her body. Nanitics shoulder the initial fate of the colony and are often underfed due to the conditions in colony building. Thus, nanitics may be smaller in size from later workers ants to optimize the survival of the group..." — But what happens to the colony when the queen dies? Had the nanitics done enough?

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Oasis 2022 / 14m10 / Canada (Québec)

Directed by Justine Martin

At the dawn of their teenage years, Raphaël and Rémi are twins who see their fusional attachment crumble while one of them, suffering from an increasingly marked disability, remains a prisoner of childhood. During one last summer surrounded by nature, time seems to want to stand still.

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The Lauzon Theory 2022 / 15min / Canada (Québec)

Directed by Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre

This exploratory work on Jean-Claude Lauzon, the mythical and promising black sheep of Quebec cinema (Night Zoo - 1987 and Leolo - 1992), takes us on the incredible psychoanalytical journey of the relationship between a father and his son.

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At Dusk 2022 / 17min / Canada (Québec)

Directed by Miryam Charles

On a class trip into the woods, Charlotte is confronted with her inner demons. Venturing alone into the icy forest, away from the pressure of the group and the obligation to eat, Charlotte will have to face her biggest battle yet, the one against her eating disorder.

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Blonde Night 2022 / 15m59 / Canada (Québec)

Directed by Gabrielle Demers

Victor is unhappy in his housing for autistic adults. To avoid the Friday disco, he goes out for a walk in the neighborhood and then he meets a young prostitute.

Introducing Patrick Dornerval in the role of Victor.

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An Avocado Pit (Um Caroço de Abacate) 2022 / 19:18 min / Portugal

Directed by Ary Zara

Larissa, a trans woman and Cláudio, a cis man, meet one night, in the streets of Lisbon. Two people, two realities, who dance their differences away till morning light. In challenge, in surprise, in awe and in recognition. An empowering story, free from violence and filled with light and hope for the better days yet to come.

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The Temple 2022 / 17m26s / Canada (Québec)

Directed by Alain Fournier

The crew of a German u-boat on a mission in the North Atlantic witness strange phenomena on board. After an inexplicable explosion in the engine room, the submarine slowly sinks to the abyssal depths, while madness decimates the submariners. 

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Danny Greenwood U Shitface 2022 / 18m59s / Canada (Québec)

Directed by Guillaume Laurin

Confident that he is skipping school for the school of life, Danny Greenwood doesn't give a damn about everything he destroys on his path, but karma's a b*tch ... Ten years later, Pierre-Luc, one of his victims of that era is now a clerk at the video store and is about to lend him his movie rentals.

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About Memory and Loss 2022 / 7m55s / Canada (Québec)

Directed by Amélie Hardy

Capture, document, record, share, restart. We are making ourselves more memorable than ever by archiving every bit of our daily lives. What if we lost something along the way?

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DITCH 2022 / 18m10s / Canada (Québec)

Directed by Nellie Carrier

Since her aunt threw herself into the depths of a quarry, Josette has been obsessed with death. She decides to run away, hoping to escape the madness she believes is running in her family blood. In her frantic race, her destiny will crash into another fugitive, Michelle, who may well save her from her curse. But the harsh reality will catch up with them at high speed.

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Nu 2022 / 14m17 / Canada (Québec)

Directed by Olivier Labonté Lemoyne

An ordinary young couple finds an isolated place to park their car and love each other away from prying eyes. At least that's what they believe... Deep in the forest, their intimacy will be the scene of an unsettling encounter between sensuality and horror.

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