Late Night Drama

Late Night Drama

Directed by Patrice Laliberté

Genre Fiction
Country Quebec
Year 2016
Length 7 min 43 s
Formats DCP
Sound 5.1
Version Original French version, English subtitles


1:34 AM. A snowy suburb. Jérémie, 24, parks his modified car in front of a crowded club. His friends’ usual concerns (“Hey man, do you have something that will help me make it through the night”?) do not interest him. Jérémie is looking for someone.


drugs, relationships, violence, car, infidelity


Patrice Laliberte is a screenwriter and director living in Montreal. His short film Overpass, produced with his compagny Couronne Nord, won the Short Cuts Awards for Best Canadian Short Film in the Toronto International Film Festival 2015, and was selected in the Canada's Top Ten Film Festival 2015. Late night drama is his latest production. He also released in April 2017 a webseries call Game(r) about eSport. He is co-founder of the multidisciplinary creative company Couronne Nord.


Guillaume Laurin, Sasha Migliarese, Karl Farah, Sébastien Tessier, Fanny Migneault-Lecavalier



Julie Groleau, Frédérique St-Pierre (Couronne Nord)


Patrice Laliberté


Christophe Dalpé


Joëlle Peloquin

EDITING Olivier Binette
Sound Laurent Ouellette


Anchorage International Film Festival
Festival du nouveau cinéma
Le long week-end du court
Longue vue sur le court
Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois
Noël des Filmeux
Toronto International Film Festival
Vancouver International Film Festival