Dogs Don't Breed Cats

Dogs Don't Breed Cats

Directed by Cristina Martins

Genre Fiction
Country Quebec
Year 2015
Length 14 min 53 s
Formats DVD, DCP, Blu-Ray
Sound 5.1
Version Original French version, English subtitles


Pregnant and homeless, Joëlle shows up at her father’s house. Even if Jeff, a solitary non-conformist former punk is reluctant to the idea, Joëlle decides to stay. Jeff is overwhelmed by the casualness of his daughter, whom he barely knows.



Expanding her talent with each new project, Cristina Martins approaches her second short film Dogs don’t breed cats with a distinct focus on the acting. As an accomplished director of advertisements and music videos, Cristina has a profound desire to refine her characters, and capture reality while showcasing her city, Montreal, in all its splendour. The Clermont-Ferrand Festival, amongst others, has selected Cristina’s previous feature Par Avion. Since then, she created many fiction projects, one a full-length feature film, and this one, her second short film. Her close collaboration with scriptwriter Sandra Lopes Martins allows her to transform sincere emotions and stories into featured films.


Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Martin Dubreuil



Mathieu Elie, Cristina Martins (Kartel Film)


Sandra Lopes Martins, Cristina Martins


Mathieu Elie

EDITING David Villeneuve
Sound Thierry Bourgault
Music Jean-Olivier Bégin


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