The fall 2017 / 23 min 53 s / Quebec

Directed by Olivia Boudreau

A woman wakes up from a long coma surrounded by her relatives. Suffering from amnesia, she tries to understand who she is. Marty will experience a past and a future that do not seem to belong to her. Without words, without memories, can she liberate herself?

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Upset body 2017 / 20 min 30 s / Canada

Directed by Delphine Le Courtois

Gabrielle is an young independent woman, master of her own life and choices. But when unexpected news come hurtling into her life, Gabrielle is forced to face difficult questions.

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A Visit 2018 / 12 min / Canada

Directed by Parissa Mohit

Amidst a bustling cityscape, a child pays a visit to a woman in a high-rise apartment. Inside, their interactions with each other, and with the outside world, becomes increasingly phantasmagorical.

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Your Mother is a Thief! 2018 / 11 min / Canada

Directed by Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre

Animated film on the psychological violence of parental alienation

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The sisters' bedroom 2018 / 7 min / Canada

Directed by Claire Brognez

Louise enjoys a private moment to open her treasure box in the room she shares with her little sister. She does not know that she has been hiding under her bed to spy on her. The film deals with sensuality through a both charming and erotic experience of an involuntary interaction between two sisters.

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America 2018 / 15 min / Israel

Directed by Nadav Arbel

In 1950 Tel Aviv, a mother and her son receive a telegram with an invitation for a phone call from America. The prospects of the call spark hope for a better life in the mother's heart while her son is busy in his own fantasy world inspired from his life in Israel.

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