Le queloune 2008 / 11 min / Quebec

Directed by Patrick Boivin

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Tools 2009 / 8 min / Quebec

Directed by Simon Laganière

Seeing his faithful friend quietly losing the battle against the disease, Jean-Pierre does not let things go. Because he's manual, he tries in its own way to give his friend a little more strength and courage. Knowing that his friend is a true believer of the Catholic religion, he decided to invent an appearance of the Virgin Mary.

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Crossing the road 2010 / 12 min / Quebec

Directed by Simon Lamontagne

A father, a son, a road

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Normand From the Top 2007 / 11 min / Quebec

Directed by Simon Laganière

Following the death of his friend, Normand St. Pierre decides to resume his life where he had left it.

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Pas de pain pas de gain 2009 / 5 min / Quebec

Directed by Lawrence Côté-Collins

Denis Manzanno tells us how he manages to live outside the current financial system.

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Will you be home tonight? 2008 / 26 min / Quebec

Directed by Geneviève Albert

Suzanne (50) lives with her daughter Raphaëlle (20). Alone for a long time, she is worried she will never meet anyone. Furthermore, her aging body doesn't help her to feel worthy of interest... One day, Raphaëlle discovers that her mother is considering breast enhancement surgery. While Raphaëlle worries about her mother, Suzanne is preoccupied with the love life of her daughter.

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A World to Read 2010 / 4 min / Quebec

Directed by Renaud Plante, Matthieu Goyer

A young boy goes to a library and discovers, in books and their words, a universe that will follow him until the end of his life.

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White as the driven snow 2010 / 17 min 53 s / Quebec

Directed by Geneviève Poulette

A father, a son. A snowy retreat, once appreciated, in deep woods. A tete-a-tete which will change their life forever.

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Contre un vison de Perse 2008 / 5 min 18 s / Quebec

Directed by Simon Laganière

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Dixie Time 2007 / 1 min 15 s / Quebec

Directed by Martine Asselin

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Men For Sale 2009 / 145 min / Quebec

Directed by Rodrigue Jean

Men for Sale follows eleven sex-trade workers over the course of a year, recounting their struggles to survive alcohol and drug-related addictions, abuse and stigmatization – and, their troubled pasts. Trapped in a vicious circle of prostitution and drug, they pursue their hardscrabble lives, knowing their prospects for the future are dim. An unflinching portrait with neither voyeurism nor false sympathy, Men for Sale acknowledges those society prefers to ignore

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Histoire de pêche 2006 / 8 min 30 s / Quebec

Directed by Richard Lacombe

Two old friends are fishing, as they do it everyday, on their little lake located in the deep north. Since they dont have anything new to talk about, they dream of a more exciting life.

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J'viendrai te chercher 2007 / 11 min / Quebec

Directed by Sophie Dupuis

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The instant 2008 / 3 min 30 s / Quebec

Directed by Patrick Péris

The rain falls on the city. Several drops of water broke on the street. In one of the splashes, you can guess a delicate butterfly detaches ready to take off. After a few beats of wings, it lands on the hand of a man sitting on a park bench. Then begins a symbolic journey that allows the man to leave his life for a couple of minutes...

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Kingdom of Insane 2007 / 11 min / Quebec

Directed by Martin Jolicoeur

Pierre va chercher sa femme Marie à l’hôpital, qui a été victime d’un viol. Sur le chemin du retour, ils croisent, par hasard, le violeur. Bouleversé par cette rencontre que fera le couple? Reprise moderne librement inspirée du film «Revenge » d’Alfred Hitchcock.

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The flexibility of abandonment 2007 / 7 min / Quebec

Directed by Marco Bentz

A woman. A train. A city. A journey in the meanders of the memories

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Marya et son amant 2010 / 12 min 40 s / Quebec

Directed by Stéphane Defoy

Marya has a big problem… How does she get rid of her lover’s corpse, which is lying on the floor, nude, with a knife in its back? She asks Alex, who comes unprepared and without a car. Daniel is called in to help, but he’s more interested in getting back with Marya than playing the role of a gravedigger. Three different personalities come alive and echo, in their own way, the cumbersome body. What will be will be. Wait and see…

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My neighbor 2008 / 5 min / Quebec

Directed by Anastasia Bourlakova

A woman wanted her beautiful dark neighbor and eventually takes its place.

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Princess Isabelle 2008 / 7 min 45 s / Quebec

Directed by Alexis Duceppe

A princess, a prince, a knight... a tale not for everyone!!!

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First Step 2007 / 3 min 30 s / Quebec

Directed by Eza Paventi, Kim Nguyen Xuan

A tale at the crossroads of life and death.

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